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Skude Fryseri AS

  • Was founded in 1953. We are located just at the inlet to Skudeneshavn, a small town south in Karm√ły municipality. With a population of 3385 in 2017.

  • The city is from 1857, and was built around lobster fishing, herring fishery and export of herring to Riga. The export to the Baltic country made the fleet of sailing vessels grew sharply in the 1800 century, at most it was 77 sailing ships in Skudeneshavn. Around 1860 there were about 1200 inhabitants of the city. During the herring fishing, there were mostly around 20 000 fishermen in Skudeneshavn.
  • Skude Fryseri has adapted to the development of fisheries over the years, and has expanded and renewed both facilities and production equipment.
  • Skude Fryseri also freezes meat (completely slaughter), which comes from different slaughterhouses. This is a measure that is used in the market regulation of meat, in periods where there is excess of fresh slaughter. This meat is usually saved over time at Skude Fryseri. We also provide stock hotels to frozen goods from multiple vendors.
  • Skude Fryseri constantly works to follow through in time what concerns good environmental standards, as well as good production practices. We constantly try to stretch ourselves in such a way that our customers will get the best possible quality of products and services delivered from Skude Fryseri, and in this way always wants to choose Skude Fryseri AS first.
  • Skude Fryseri AS also works forward-looking in terms of preserving jobs in our small communities, and chooses to believe that we should be an important contributor in society for many years to come.
From the beginning

Our History

Skude Fryseri AS

  • 1953

  • 1953

    Freezer and office
  • 1963

    Cold Storage
  • 1973

    Reception Hall/Block
  • 1983

    Cold Storage
  • 1986

    Freezer no. 1
  • 1988

    Cold Storage (air freezer)
    Production Local / Warehouse
  • 1990

    Freezer no. 2
  • 2000

    Freezer no. 4
  • 2005

    Build room no. 4
  • 2009

    Freezer no. 4
  • 2011

    Build room no. 1
  • 2017

    Freezer no. 6
  • 2018

    Skude Fryseri AS is under continuous improvement and development to meet customer requirements.