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What makes fish from Norway so special? It begins with our cold, clear waters - the perfect environment for the fish. It´s in the sustainable fishing practices that protect our shores. It´s in our quality controls, put in place from fishery to fork. And, of course, it´s in the delicious flavour that´s in every bite of out nutritiously fatty fish


All our Mackerel is brought ashore by fishing vessels using RSW-technology. The Mackerel season in Norway is from August to March, and fat content is between 18%-30%.

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Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel is caught in the North Sea, and the best season is from October to November.

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Over the last 45 years, the annual landings of the North Sea herring have varied between 11000 and 1.2 million tons

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In Norwegian waters, brisling spawns in the Oslo fjord and along the eastern part of the Skagerrak coast. Occasionally, brisling spawns in the fjords between Lindesnes and Farsund, and even in some fjords on the west coast.

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